1. (Descending) Steam Accumulators
In case of fluctuating steam demand or to cover highest
consumption of steam we recommend a steam accumulator.

In connection with our HSK Quick Steam Generator installation
of feedwater pumps is not necessary. When starting the system the steam accumulator will be filled with water by the feedwater
pump of the steam generator. The steam produced by the steam
generator is introduced into the steam accumulator by means of an injector. The water will be heated to working temperature and pressure.

The extraction of the steam is carried out by a steam valve into the steam tube system of the plant.

2. Water Steam Separator
The water steam separator is used for drying and cleaning of the saturated steam.
In this vessel the specific heavy particles like condensate, suspended humidity,
boiler sludge etc. will be separated from the specific lighter steam.

When starting the quick steam generator first some amount of water is obtained
before the steam production will start. The water steam separator is extracting this
water. This guarantees a sufficient flow rate in the tube system of the quick steam
generator, on the other hand this vessel prevents from steam impacts in the outer
steam tube system.

3. Feedwater and Condensate Tanks/ Deaerators
These tanks are manufactured from stainless steel
1.4301 serving for collection of feedwater or condensate.

Delivery including all necessary armatures and fittings.
Sizes up to content 3.000 liters. Special sizes on request.

4. Water Treatment
For the operation of a quick steam generator proper treated
feedwater has to be used. The feedwater in it's quality must
be according to the TRD or VdTUEV-instructions.

The water treatment units are working according to the
Na-ions exchange procedure.

In addtion to this procedure, the feedwater has to be alkalized
with chemical substances in a dosing unit.
These chemicals ensure further softening of the feedwater and prevent
the tube system from oxygen and carbonic corrosion.

Product range:

- Single Water Treatment Units with regeneration time switch
- Single Water Treatment Units with sensor and automatic program
- Double Water Treatment Units with sensor and automatic program
- Dosing Units - tank and pump - with or without automatic programm
- Reverse Osmosis
5. Pump Units
- 3-piston-plunger pump with ceramic piston and
  motor e. g. for quick steam generators.
- low pressure circulation pump in compact design
  e. g. for heat transfer heaters mounted on a frame,
  ready for operation
- Special pump units on request.

    6. Feedwater Modules
All components of the water treatment, the feedwater
tank and the switchboard are mounted on a steel
frame, including inner piping and wiring.

This module design ensures low costs for erection,
mounting and wiring at site.

7. Switchboards
for all kinds of pressure vessels, feedwater modules (also incl. SPS).


8. Drain Tanks
Heat transfer plants with a content of more than 1.000 liters must be equipped with their own drain
tanks. Delivery including all necessary armatures, filling and drain pumps.
Sizes on request.

9. Expansion Tanks

Heat transfer plants must be equipped with expansion tanks to compensate the volume extension
at atmospheric pressure. Delivery including all necessary armatures.
Sizes on request.

10. Spares
Due to our large stock of spares we can guarantee delivery of all
standard safety and regulation devices within shortest time.