HSK Quick Steam Generators/ Boilers
System GEKA-Heat Technology
Type: DE-Z and SDE-Z

Once-Through Boiler
The HSK Quick Steam Generators
System GEKA Heat Technology are
producing saturated steam for
heating processes. Our product
rage covers capacities from
50 up to 8.000 kg/h.

Basic Information about DE-Z and SDE-Z

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Advantages of tubular boilers in comparision to water space boilers
Quick steam generators are designed as single tube forced circulation boilers. They have
significant lower water content than water boilers with the same thermal output.
Therefore the quick steam generators have the following advantages:
  • A separate boiler house is not neccessary in most cases.
  • Lower weight - erection in working areas is possible, without special foundation.
  • Quick steam generators reach their full steam output within minutes without wasting energy.
  • When operating with life steam - no condensate return - the quick steam generator can be
    equipped with simple and cheaper treatment units. Due to the design there's no reduction
    of the treatment feedwater. The remaining humidity of 5% and the dissolved salts are
    separated by the water steam separator.
  • Erection in containers as mobile "stationary boiler" with entire equipment is possible.
  • In case of damage, the tube system can be simply changed at site, this means that the most
    important part of the boiler can be replaced. Water room boilers can't be repaired but only
    replaced completely.
The disadvantage of lower thermal storage can be compensated by installation of a steam accumulator.
see Accessories

Technology and Definition
The term "quick steam generator" acc. TRD 001 is used for steam generators or boilers with "forced
circulation", in TRD 401 they are also described as "flow heating boilers". Flow heating boilers do have
no defined water level.

Typical Fields of Application
- Chemical Industry
- Hospitals
- Industry of Building Materials
- Breweries and Vineries
- Laundries and Dry Cleaners
- Textile Industry
- Canteen Kitchens
- Abattoirs

The HSK Quick Steam Generators System GEKA Heat Technology are single tube once-through (forced
circulation) boilers. The burning chamber consists of a cylindric tube system where the gas or oil burners
can be operated without contact to the inner surface. Behind this first pass a second pass (convection
heating surface) is mounted coaxial to the first, consisting of a second cylindric tube system. The tubes
forming the heating surface are therefore built in series. The water is pumped into the tubular system and
is nearly completely vaporized by reaching the steam exit.

This kind of boiler is called Benson-Boiler and has been patented in 1904 (torpedo boat boiler).
The first
GEKA-Quick Steam Generator type SDE-150 was manufactured in 1957 in Berlin and was
operating properly in a laundry for more than 35 years.

Since then the construction was improved permanently and conformed to customer's demand.
We therefore dispose of a modern and wide range of quick steam generators with steam capacities
up to 8.000 kg/h.

We're also producing the world's smallest quick steam generator called "MINI 50" with a steam output of
50 kg/h. This MINI 50 is an economical alternative to electric steam generators, that need high electrical
connection capacity.

Technical Data/ Output Table DE-Z
Technical Data/ Output Table SDE-Z

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Delivery Standard, Accessories, Module Design and Containers
Depending on customer's demands we can deliver the components of the Quick Steam
Generators in single pieces, in
module design or mounted in standard containers,
including tubing and pre-wiring.
  • Quick Steam Generators including all necessary fittings and safety devices, mounted
    on a frame, including three piston plunger pump with ceramic piston, switchboard,
    burner, water steam separator.
  • Delivery including inner tubing between the components and pre-wiring.
  • Accessories such as steam accumulators, feedwater and condensate tanks,
    armatures for pre-heating (degassing), booster pumps, water treatment, chemical dosing
    units, pump units, switchboards etc. as single components or mounted ready for operation.
  • Erection in 20 or 40 ft. containers as mobile "stationary boiler" with entire equipment -
    ready for operation is possible, incl. oil storage tanks and chimney module. The containers
    can be transported to the places where steam is needed by normal container trucks.
  • Erection in normal car trailers (up to DE-Z 800) including all neccessary components,
    ready for operation.
  • Special design and special dimensions on customer's demand.
Construction and Production
Calculation of construction, selection of materials and equipment acc. TRD - german technical
regulations for pressure vessels or acc. PED 97/23/EC.

Production and pressure test under supervision of
TUEV, additional
calculations and acceptance of construction by foreign supervision organizations on request.

Heating by means of light fuel oil, natural gas or dual fuel with type tested standard burners,
preferably Weishaupt.

For the operation of quick steam generators proper feedwater has to be used.
The feedwater must be according to the TRD or VdTUEV-Instructions.