Module Design
e. g. for containers:

Compact Module (ready for operation):

Quick Steam Generator DE-Z 1100 with

- water steam separator
- burner
- switchboard
- feedwater booster pumps
- water treatment
- feedwater tank 2200 l
- connection for chimney etc.
  pre-mounted and pre-wired with inner tubing.


Feedwater Modules

Feedwater tanks sizes up to 2.200 l
in module design incl. tubing and wiring:

- dosing equipment
- water treatment (single or double)
- switchboard
Engineering and manufacturing of pre-mounted and pre-wired modules
for containers or already existing boiler houses.


example of boiler house
Module 1

Quick Steam Generator
SDE-Z 2600 with
switchboard and dual
burner natural

Module 2  Feedwater Module  

- feedwater tank
- feedwater pumps
- steam accumulator
- switchboard
- dosing equipment


Module 3

Double Water Softener

Each module is equipped with inner
tubing and completely pre-wired.

Tubing between the separate
modules is also possible
on request.
This system reduces costs for
mounting at site.