Forced Circulation Boiler
Type: DE-ZUK

This boiler is designed as forced circulation hot water tubular boiler (system La Mont/Velox) and is used for heating of various processes.

The feedwater (proper treated feedwater accordingly TRD or VdTUEV) is pumped through the tubular system by forced circulation - opposite to natural circulation boilers where the heat transfer media is
flowing by self-convection towards the heating surface.
Due to this system, a defined heat transfer is reached all over the heating surface.
These kind of boilers are designed with two coaxial cylinders mounted in the casing in series. The flue gas is carried in the 3rd pass.

Our type DE-ZUK is a tubular boiler designed for operation with hot water. The large dimensions of the combustion chamber ensures perfect combustion and best exhaust emission.
The boiler parts having contact with the flue gas are mostly cooled. Special areas are insulated with material of low regenerative capacity of hot blast stove. Therefore no brick lining is necessary.
The type DE-ZUK is manufactured in vertical design, the water is flowing in the heated cylinders following the buoyancy.
Operation at max. 220 °C inlet/outlet temperature.

The DE-ZUK is equipped with a flow control depending on the flow quantity. Forced circulation and flow speed is controlled and measured by the flow quantity.
Our forced circulation boilers are heated by oil or gas burners with design test of leading manufacturers.

Typical fields of application:
Heating of e. g. pure steam generators for pure/clean steam production
-  pharmaceutical and chemical industry
-  medico-biological technologies
-  hospitals
-  electronics

Technical Data/Output Table

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table as pdf file.)

Scope of Delivery, Module Design and Accessories
We deliver our forced circulation boilers DE-ZUK on customer's demand:
separate components, module design or mounted in containers.
Module design: All components are mounted on a frame including burner, switchboard, spiral casing pumps with all necessary armatures, controlling and safety devices.
The module design includes inner tubing and wiring with the expansion vessel and superimposing with inert gas.

Construction and Production
Calculation of construction, selection of materials and equipment acc. TRD - German technical
regulations for pressure vessels or PED 97/23/EC.

Production and pressure test under supervision of TUEV - additional calculations and acceptance of constructions by foreign supervision organizations on request.